Badminton Coaching
What I can offer:
Tailored and structured coaching designed personally for your goals
Enjoyable and fun lessons
Immediate improvement within your first lesson. 
Advice on a racquets, footwear, and grips to help you make the right purchase
Full support if you wish to take the level 1 coaching course (advanced players)
Re-stringing service

NEWSFLASH: I am starting a junior badminton coaching club on Friday nights 6pm to 8pm. I aim to start this in Sept 2017. Please email me if you wish your child to join the waiting list. It will be in 6 weeks blocks during term time.
One 2 One
Small Groups
In one 2 one coaching you will have a personal plan developed to reach YOUR goals.
Sessions are structuered to progress at your pace and tailored to your needs.
In small groups you will have a plan developed to reach the mutual goals of the group.
Sessions are fun and maintain a competative edge as you compete against your friends during coaching.
Rather than having a one off session, have a plan of 6 lessons to improve several aspects your game.
Sessions are planned around your needs either an an individual or a group and most of all - we have fun!